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This website is the perfect addition your business that will truly wow your clients! It's amazing for photographers but can also be used for virtual assistants, selling a course or product, fitness coaches, or even hosts of podcasts-- this website can be customized to suit your business.


It's optimized for mobile, desktop and iPads. If you're  looking for a fun or vibrant website template then you've come to the right place! Please keep in mind that all colors/fonts/anything on the site can be edited and changed to suit your needs.


+ This website is built like a landing page that's geared for conversions. It takes them through the highlight of your business so you can pack them full of great information. Whether you're just starting out in Wix or just don't have the time to build a website from scratch, this template is ready to be customized however you please. You can (and should) swap out all pictures and text to fill with your own.

Treasure Island

  • Pages

    NINE pages

    + Home

    + About

    + Investment (Services)

    +Portfolio (with three sub-pages that can be used for different galleries that are currently set up for couples, weddings, and lifestyle) 

    + Blog

    + Contact

  • Hire Us

    We can help you personalize one of our templates or build you a custom website. Get expert help here.

  • How It Works

    You have to have a Wix account to use this template. As soon as you set up your Wix account and purchase the template, send me your email address that is associated with your Wix account. Once I get your email, I will transfer the site to you and you will get an email from Wix detailing this transfer. You will click on the link, accept the transfer, and then have access to the website on your account. Please note that this website is ONLY compatible with Wix. Please accept the transfer as soon as you can because it will expire after three days. 

    + I have to manually transfer the website to you after the purchase, it is not an instant download. 

  • Details

    • If you move around or change aspects of the layout, it will make changes on the mobile version. Make sure to check out the mobile site to ensure the layout is still optimized. 
    • All text and photos are meant to be changed. 
    • Unfortunately we do not offer refunds or exchanges since this is a digital product. You may cancel the order before I transfer the website. 
    • There are many awesome tutorials on Youtube for how to customize your Wix website if you're having issues. 
    • You must purchase a premium Wix website if you want to remove Wix ads.
    • If you're unsure of how this will work, please message or email me with any questions before you purchase. 
    • The transfer will expire if you don't accept after 3 days.
  • License

    You do not have permission to redistribute this template or any edited derivative of this template. This template is copyrighted to Waymark Solutions and you do not have permission to claim the design or structure as your own. Copyright © 2023 Waymark Solutions. All Rights Reserved.

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